Learning to Fly – Day Nineteen (Rest)

I was originally supposed to have my first check ride (The FAA) today and the CAA tomorrow. However, because of “Sun’n’Fun” all the examiners were tied up with various safety events and all that, so they wouldn’t be available until later that week. So my exams were finally set up: I would do my CAA certification on Friday late afternoon (17:30) and my FAA Oral and skills test on Saturday morning at 08:00.  The only thing left to do before the tests was solo night flying for my night rating. We had agreed I would take Wednesday completely off as rest but the winds were quite heavy today (Tuesday) so we decided to change and take Tuesday off. My next flying would be tomorrow night. The whole family went to Universal Studios and had a fantastic time. I still looked up whenever I heard a light aircraft but no flying.

This would be the first day in nearly 3 weeks that I had not flown at all. The moment of truth was getting close. I was reading up on the Oral exam that comes with the FAA certification. (Note: Little did I realise the significance of that extra studying…)

Summary after 19 days:
Flown:  No
Total flying time: 50 hours and 9 minutes.
Solo: 10 hours 42 minutes.
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