The only football worth watching and shown on TV in Denmark during the 60’s and 70’s was “Tipslørdag” – always showing one of the games from the English 1st Division. Like so many other Danes from that period, I began to follow Liverpool and obviously the choice stuck.

I absolutely loved the TV Documentary “Being Liverpool” – particularly the candid interviews with various more or less famous fans, as to a large extent the views expressed reflect my own understanding of what it is to be a fan.

I have watched Liverpool live a number of times, but funnily enough, most times at Highbury! My father-in-law was an Arsenal fan, and he typically invited me along when Liverpool visited Arsenal. We always lost.

I have been to Liverpool (and Anfield) twice. Once for the JF96 Memorial Legends Game on 21st April 2014, where I even had the pleasure of seeing Jan Mølby taking a couple of runs (using the term loosely) down the pitch and then on 1st March 2015 where in a really magnificent game we beat Manchester City 2-1.
Below a video of the YNWA singing taken from the Main Stand.

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