I was a fan of KB since the early 70’s. Not in any big way: Went to a few games, followed them in the news. I moved to England in 1987, so when KB and B1903 back in 1992 created F.C. København as their common professional section, it was natural for me to follow FCK and I carried on following them the same way  I had done, KB. Every time I was visiting Denmark in the 90’s I made sure to watch a game if at all possible. During that time, I was needled endlessly by a close family member who, due to his Lyngby alliances, harbored a hatred for FCK in general and Don-Ø – the chairman at the time – in particular. He did have a lot of material with which to mock me. FCK was consistently underperforming. Every time I stood outside Parken in the endless queues, it was with the expectation that we would lose again.ivar-petersenHowever, possibly an undesired and unexpected effect of the constant teasing was, that every time he told me how crap we were, every game I watched us play (and often lose), I became that bit more of a fan. I took a masochistic pleasure in sticking loyally with “my” team while times were rough and I slowly grew into the uncompromising hard-core fan I am today.

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