For commuting and general procrastination nothing beats a good game on the smartphone!

I played a lot of the original Quizbattle, coming top of the league over 22 times in Wordfeud league of Honor which in spite of the name covers a lot of games besides WordFeud.
In seasons 8-25 I played as AcijJub, as I do today. I played 17 seasons in the top division, winning it 11 times. In seasons 30-37 I played as Jubatus a total of 8 seasons, winning it 4 times and in seasons 40-50, I played as ThorsMjolner a total of 10 seasons, winning it 7 times.
As of season 82 I have started playing Quizbattle 2. With a different board (and tactics) and a lot of new questions to get used to, it took some time, but I did maanage to win the tournament once before stopping after Hans‘ death. I might get back into it one day, but at the moment I don’t want to focus on tournaments.  If you feel like a game, invite: AciJub

I also play Wordfeud, typically with close friends or in WLoH somewhere between Division 3 and 4 (Danish version). I am always open for a challenge in either English or Danish, so if you feel like a game, invite: AciJub

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