I do like my wine. We have gone from only drinking red wine and typically a French one at that, to now when we mainly drink red-wine, and very rarely a French one.

Our favourite “daily” red is Ravenswood, a wonderful California Zinfandel. Most of the varieties are very nice, particularly Lodi, Sonoma and Old Vine. However: DO STAY AWAY FROM VITNERS BLEND!! It is only marginally above undrinkable… In my opinion, obviously.

We are often exploring South American reds; Argentina has some very nice and inexpensive wines. Otherwise, we are big suckers for North Italian (Piemonte) wines. Barberesco, Barbara d’Alba and Barolo really do cover some exceptional wines.  Further south, Amarone obviously also cover some extremely nice wines, however we find them a bit pricey – it is hard to get a great wine at affordable prices.

My claim-to-fame within the subject of wine tasting is winning a wine-tasting competition against 200 other people at The American Club in Tokyo in 1995. First prize was a bottle of Petrus, which I haev just recently sold for £800.

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