Naturally, our choice of restaurants changes over time. From when before we were married (35 years ago) when it was all about, finding something we could afford, which at the same time was nice and young.  We went to Da-Hua, a Chinese restaurant on Gammeltorv in Copenhagen or Pepés Pizza, a Norwegian pizza chain that had two branches in Copenhagen. This was before Pizza Hut arrived. Through the 80’s, if we were to celebrate something special, it would be at Saint Gertrud’s Cellar, a very interesting place with only candle lights and in the setting of a nunnery from the middle ages.

When kids started to arrive, it was all about finding places where you could get good service and nice food without being stressed out if the kids did not behave impeccably. In Walton-on-Thames, we became regular customers at Zio Totto, a wonderful small Italian family restaurant.

These days we generally do not eat out with the kids and we have more available funds than we did 30 years ago, so we pick small intimate restaurants where it is possible to get a nice glass of wine. Il Senso in Gothersgade in Copenhagen was our favourite until it closd early 2017.

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