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Some years ago while training to run a marathon, I asked my fitness trainer what he would suggest as a supplement to running. Since I really do not like biking or spinning and I had some history doing Judo he suggested I tried Body Combat. At first, I was hesitant, particularly because my coordination and ability to follow choreography and dance routines were marginally above useless. Then I thought: It would be fun to challenge myself, to move outside my comfort-zone, so I signed up for a couple of classes. Fitness wise I did not find it hard, even though it did take 1-2 full days before all muscles had recovered. Today, after more than 750 classes, I am now beginning to get the hang of most of the choreography, and I enjoy the ability of setting the pace myself. Simply put: What you get out of a class depends entirely on what you put into it.
In 2016 I passed the basic training as an Instructor and have since been fully certified. I was instructing a weekly class at in Søborg when my life was devastated by the death of my son, Hans, causing me to take a break from instructing.  I  was back instructing  for ½ year in Helsingør every other Sunday, but I eventually realized that I’m not confident to find within me the energy and drive the participants in a class can rightfully expect, and I have therefor taught my last class. I ended up teaching 60 classes as lead instructor. Given that I originally took the course just for the achievement  with no intention of actually becoming an instructor, that’s not so bad 🙂

Below, take a quick tour through Bodycombat

You can access various general Body Combat tutorials here.

For a description of how to correctly execute the various techniques, see here.

Various musings over releases, music and choreography can be found in this section.

If you’re visiting the Copenhagen area and are looking for a BodyCombat class, there are quite a few choices. SATS and Fitness World run classes in many of their centers as do a few of the independent or smaller-chain gyms.
After moving back to the UK, I myself can be found on Tuesdays and Saturdays at Fairfield Leisure Center in Dartford participating in Julia Silo’s classes.

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