FCK, like a lot of the Danish top tier clubs, had cheerleaders to perform a half-time show.  The cheerleaders that stopped in 2007 were, again like all the other clubs’, amateurs picked from teenage girls wanting to dance and perform.

In early 2012 after picking an elite group of performers during auditions of nearly 100 girls, the FCK Cheerleaders were brought back under the name Copenhagen White Cats. This time the girls were paid for performing and they were all at least 18. Shows were choreographed by professionals and the team held weekly practices before each show. This was apparent, as the quality of the performances set new standards in Denmark.

There will always be a section of the fans who do not think that cheerleaders belong at football games and are against the whole concept. However, it’s an indication of the quality of performances that the number of ”haters” has decreased since CWC began performing.

In the spring 2015 the CWC performances were being put on hold for financial reasons, but they started up again in the spring 2017.

Ida Werge
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