I love all kind of games. As a child I loved to play monopoly with whoever wanted to spend the hours it took to get through. I was also fund of “Finance” which was a kind of Monopoly with the added complexity of stocks and bonds. I played chess, for a short period in the local chess club, and as a teenager I learned to play bridge. Both of my parents and my siblings played bridge, my sister very well and at a relatively high level. While studying at University I played text based adventure games, such as “Adventure” and “Zork” on our mainframe computers and later I got quite hooked on Heroes of Might and Magic, which I played with my sons. I only learned Poker at the beginning of the “boom”. We play trivia games like Trivial Pursuit and Bezzerwizzer as well as personal games such as Ego and Scruples with our friends. While Quiz Battle (The original) was in production I played that a lot and achieved to win the 1st division on WFLoH more than 15 seasons. I stopped QB when they stopped the original version and only supported Quiz battle 2, though I did start plaing QB 2 at a later stage. I have also played a lot of WordFeud, but now only play 2-3 friends.

Besides all that, in the early 80’s, I played Darts in “Grotten Dart Club” which had facilities right under the DDU (Dansk Dart Union) on Roskildevej. We had a very strong team on which I was team captain, obviously only due to my organisational skills, as I was definitely the weakest player on the team. By some freak chance, I did win the club championship in 1986 and when I moved to the UK in 1987 I was made Honorary Member. Unfortunately the club no longer exist.

In the UK I took up snooker. I really like the combination of ball-eye coordination and tactical skills, though I never became particularly good at it. As I remember, my highest break ever was around 30.

In a pub (Black Swan) in Dishforth, North Yorkshire there is a (very) small plague on the wall commemorating me winning the Christmas Tournament of 5’s and 3’s in 1987. I had entered the darts tournament but when I was knocked out in the fist round i tried my luck at 5’s and 3’s.

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