From August 2014 until May 2015 i was training for the Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon on 24th May 2015. I ran it as #6224 with a goal of finishing it in 04:15:00, which is a 06:03 pace.

Unfortunately, after 24km I couldn’t keep up with the fantastic pace-runners,  and I came in at 4:31:15.

At the moment I am training to improve my 5km time. I definitely want to get under 25:00.

For training, I generally run along Furesøen for the shorter runs (4-6km), from Stavnsholt to Skovbrynet and back (13,5km) and from Stavnsholt to Klausdalsbrovej and back (20km). I always run with my GSD on runs shorter than 15km.
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