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Review of Les Mills BodyCombat Release 64

On the web you can find many reviews of every new BodyCombat release.  Often written by an instructor who – based on training and experience – has a good understanding of how a program is put together and choreographed. So if you want an objective technical analysis of a release, I recommend you look for one of those. I could recommend Tommy Damani who, in a very entertaining and energetic way, provides tips and tricks and no-bullshit review of the release.

I am subjective and I only express my own point of view as experienced from the studio floor. As an ordinary class participant, I describe how I see the release. This gives me a tool to categorise and organise my own experience and I hope others might get something out of it, not least something to disagree with, so we might be able to discuss aspects of the release. Stay with the fight!

On the 64 release date, I tried for the first time a double serving. I started at the Birkerød release 9:35 and then went straight to Fisketorvet for their 13:15 release. Birkerød had booked the large studio upstairs, but in the end only 27 showed up. Numbers have slightly dwindled for the past couple of months and when you add the holiday high-season, it is not such a surprisingly low number after all. Later on at Fisketorvet we were only 8. I have never experienced a full class on Fisketorvet.

After having been through Release 64 a total of 7 times, I think I am ready to express an opinion.

1a Warm-up Upper 5:00 ***** Freaks (Timmy Trumpet & Savage)
Lively and cheerful music opens the party with a few Shoots building up to a Hooks and Uppercuts combo. As with the rest of the release, pretty simple choreography, all though on a bad day I might not hit the rhythm for the double bounce exactly.

1b Warm-up legs 4:39 ****** Can’t You See (Shermanology & GRX)
1a flows straight into 1b’s 3 knees  without missing as much as a beat. I really like that; there is no need or other good reason to pause between upper and lower warm-up. It starts with a series of Frontkicks followed by R/L series of Sidekicks with perfectly matched music. I find that the advantage with long series is, that you can gradually work on improving your technique and/or height, making just minor adjustments from one kick to the other. I really can’t find anything wrong with this warm-up, so full score.

2 Combat I 2:12 **** I’m Shipping Up To Boston (Sway Spice)
Very short track 2. I sense a bit of an inside joke in choosing Irish themed music, as the knee and front kick combinations could look a little bit like Riverdancing. The Jump kicks work well, but I could do with more instructors reminding class that it’s a stationary Jump kick, so only one single step forward to start it off.

3 Power I 7:29 ***** You’ve Got The Love – Breeze & Modulate Remix (Sosumi feat. Missy DJ)
This is a nice long power track with Jabs/Crosses/Hooks combinations. Initially I had some difficulty finding the rhythm between the 4 jacks and 2 squats, until I just did 6 jacks with built-in squats on the last 2.  Very good match between music and choreography.

4 Combat II 4:13 ** Blast Off (The Basic Proton)
This track had all opportunities to score very highly with me. I love Sidekicks and I love long series. The music is great… and then, damn it, on the floor again as we did in 63. At least this time only push-ups and no stupid bear-crawls. And quite a few push-ups to get through. Because of that challenge and for ditching the bear-crawls I give the track 2 stars, one more than 63-4. But honestly, enough is enough. OK, I know we’ll do it again-again in 65 and can we then call it a day? Check with instructors and classes. Yes, there are a few participants liking it and yes, 63-4 and 64-4 do make rare appearances in mixes, but nowhere close to the number the other tracks do, so listen to the message, please.
1024x768_bestfit (2)

5 Power II 5:57 ** Hot Right Now – Jag Skillz VIP Mix (DJ Fresh)
I don’t mind HIIT training. Whenever I feel like that particular style, I can join any number of different GRIT classes. But series not designed to run in sync with the music has no place in a BodyCombat program. In 65 they do address that issue, and from what I’ve tried, it seems a much better way to introduce HI into Combat.

6 Combat III 3:11 ****** Black Widow (Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora)
Track 6 is my favorite track from this release. It’s really nice for the legs and reminds me of another favorite, Y.A.L.A. (62-6). Music is great and fits the choregraphy with the gradual development from small capoeira style steps to lunges.

7 Muay Thai 7:57 ****** La Nina Mechanica (Engine Florida)
In general Muay Thai is the track I really look forward to during a normal (mixed) BodyCombat class. There are just so many good ones: Blade, Braveheart, Metal Combat, Excalibur, Ravers Paradise and from the newer releases: Kryptonite & Let the Beat Go.
This is definitely not bad. Both Side and Descending elbows contribute well, and the many repeated knees can be utilised fully. The push kick doesn’t do it for me, a bit too slow, but all-in-all a good track I am quite sure we’ll see in future mixes. It would have been the best for me, if I hadn’t already picked track 6 🙂

8 Power III 6:37 ***** If You Surrender (The Truly)
Not so much to say about the last power track. I belong to what I suspect is a minority who actually like the gi-pull. But I have talked to others and I am not the only one who thinks the 6½ minutes feel a lot faster. That in itself, in some way, must be a good sign for the last Power Track.

9 Styrke 3:24 ***** Shell Shocked (The Proven Lab)
My personal goal in this track is to get through the whole ABS program, all the way, without cheating. Gotta help me on my way to a six-pack. haven’t achieved it yet, but this 9 should help.

10 Cooldown  4:00 ***** Simply Amazing (Trey Songz)
Nice cool down and I like the variation with the crossed one-legged pull.

I give the release *****(5) out of ******(6) possible stars.
Good and appropriate music, easy choreography and excelelnt leg exercises all pushes the score up. Track4 and 5 pulls it down a bit.

Complete List of BodyCombat music for all releases

1. My heart will go on– Celine Dion
2. Ready or not– The Course
3. Barracuda– Barracuda
4. We will rock you– Interactive
5. You can’t touch this– MC Hammer
6. Shake a tail feather– Ray Charles
7. Another one bites the dust – Captain Jack
8. Bad case of loving you– Robert Palmer
9. You’re my heart, you’re my soul– Modern Talking feat. Eric Singleton
10. Music– John Miles

1. Eye of the Tiger
– Survivor
2. It’s my life– Dr Alban
3. Gonna make you sweat– C&C Music Factory
4. Revolution– N Guerrieri & A Guerrieri
5. Frozen– Madonna
6. Manic– Michael Sembello7.Techno – N Guerrieri & A Guerrieri
7. Footloose– Kenny Loggins
8. Living in America– James Brown
9. Du hast – Rammstein

BODYCOMBAT 3  **Has been withdrawn**
1. Was born to love you– Worlds Apart
2. You really got me– Van Halen
3. Get ready for this– 2 Unlimited
4. Mambo no.5– Lou Bega
5. Alright now– The Moderns
6. Far from over– Frank Stallone
7. Nervous breakdown – N Guerrieri
8. Simply irresistable– Robert Palmer
9. Livin’ la vida loca– Ricky Martin
10. Time to Say Goodbye– Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman

1. The immortals Techno– Syndrome 7 Mix
2. I can’t stand it– Twenty 4 Seven
3. No limit– 2 Unlimited
4. Fush– ZZ Top
5. Larger than life– Backstreet Boys
6. Lethal droids– Epidemic
7. Its on your own– Real McCoy
8. Grease Lightning– John Travolta
9. Ice Ice Baby– Vanilla Ice
10. Live and let die– Guns N’ Roses

1. Total eclipse of the heart
– Nicky French
2. Don’t leave me this way– Edison Cordeiro
3. Everybody get up– Five
4. I was made for loving you– Kiss
5. Ghostbusters– Ray Parker
6. Stomp to my beat– JS:16
7. Countdown– DJ Tururu
8. Great balls of fire– Jerry Lee Lewis
9. We will rock you– Five
10. Mission Impossible – Larry Mullen/Adam Clayton

1. I don’t want to miss a thing
– Déjà vu Feat. Tasmin
2. Tubthumping– Bianca & Co
3. Freak out– Emphasis
4. Sex bomb– Tom Jones and Mousse T
5. Te Quiero Buenos Aires– N Guerrieri/A Guerrieri
6. Rofo’s Theme – Infinity
7. Call Me (99 summer mix)– Mr Jazz
8. Ballroom Blitz– Sweet
9. Twist and Shout– Salt ‘N’ Pepa
10. Who Wants To Live Forever– Queen

1. Twilight Zone
– 2 Unlimited
2. Don’t You (Forget About Me)– 2000 Decoy
3. Phatt Bass (The Blade Theme)– Warp Brothers vs Aquagen
4. Get Over It– Eagles
5. Relax– Frankie Goes To Hollywood
6. Fire– Scooter
7. Jump– Southside Rockers
8. Jailhouse Rock– The Blues Brothers
9. Freestyler– Bomfunk MC’s
10. I’d Do Anything For Love– Meat Loaf

1. Against All Odds
– Déjà vu Feat. Tasmin
2. Sandstorm– Darude
3. Cum On Feel The Noize– Quiet Riot
4. Baby I’m On Fire– Ace Warrior
5. Ihr Seid So Leise– Aquagen
6. Let’s Go Crazy– Prince & The Revolution
7. U drive me crazy– Waldo’s People
8. Playing In A Travelling Band– Creedence Clearwater Revival
9. Get Another Boyfriend– Backstreet Boys
10. The Saint– Orbital

1. Shout (Japan Remix)
– DJ Miko
2. Samba De Janiero– Martini
3. Partyalarm (Und Ab Geht’s)– Aquagen
4. Walking On Sunshine– Katrina & The Waves
5. The Call (Thunderpuss Mix)– Backstreet Boys
6. Garota de Berlim– Tokyo
7. Kung Fu Fighting– Busstop
8. Far From Over– Frank Stallone
9. The Wild Boys – Duran Duran
10. Adios Nonino Orquesta…– Colon Jose Carli

1. The Revolution
– Scooter
2. Just Can’t Get Enough– Starlight
3. Get Ready For This– 2 Unlimited
4. Mi Perro Dinamita Patricio Rey y Los– Recorditos Fe Ricota
5. My Sharona– DJ Miko
6. Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol
7. Right Type Of Mood– DJ Herbie
8. If Ya Getting Down– Five
9. I Love Rock ‘n Roll– Joan Jett
10. Funiculi Funicula– Luciano Pavarotti

1. Let’s Dance
– Five
2. Game Over– Club Caviar
3. We’re Not Gonna Take It– Bif Naked
4. Lady Marmalade– Christina Aguilera/Lil’kim/Mya/Pink
5. Excalibur– Nick Skitz
6. Smoke On The Water– D J Moore
7. Survivor– Destiny’s Child
8. Loaded– Ricky Martin
9. Heaven’s On Fire– Star
10. Sing– Travis

1. Shape Of My Heart
– Circle 99
2. Electric Avenue– Mask
3. Rocking The Spot– Bomfunk Mc’s
4. There You’ll Be – Booshida
5. Beat It– Shadows
6. Because We Can– Fatboy Slim
7. Long Train Running– DJ’s Brothers
8. Rock da Bass Ultimate– Buzz feat. M.C.Bee
9. God Gave Me Everything– Mick Jagger
10. Bohemian Rhapsody– Queen

1. Drowning
– Boyz Boyz
2. Dance The Planet– DJ Taylor & Flow
3. Call Me Manana– Scooter
4. Runaway – Bon Jovi
5. Funky Town (Dance Remix)– Pseudo Echo
6. No Satisfaction– Fine
7. Sledgehammer (Illicit Mix) – Peter Gabriel
8. Symphony No 9– Capo Ferraro
9. 99 Red Balloons– Goldfinger
10. Tarakihi– Kiri Te Kanawa

1. Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys)
– Duran Duran
2. Smooth Criminal– Pump 69
3. Spiderman– The Ramones
4. New Sensation– INXS
5. Big In Japan– King & Queen
6. Bites Da Dust– Planet Perfecto
7. Our Reservation– Desperation
8. Furia– Mal
9. Another Brick In The Wall– Roger Waters
10. Fallin’– Alicia Keys

1. Sometimes
– Alisha
2. Impossible Mission– New Mission
3. Calling From Tokyo– DJ Moonraker
4. R U Ready For War– DJ Highlander
5. Sweet Dreams– CNA
6. Devoted (O Sole Mio)– Karuzo
7. Shake– The Clock
8. Ride On Time– Black Box
9. A Little Less Conversation– Elvis vs JXL
10. Purple Rain– Prince and the Revolution

1. Music Was My First Love
– Waxxman feat. Ian Cussick
2. The Whistle Song– DJ Aligator
3. Addicted To Love– Motiv8 Meets Robert Palmer
4. Blow Ya Mind– Lock ‘n’ Load
5. Faster, Harder, Scooter– Dee Jay Kee
6. Time Of My Life– LMF
7. Jump– The Movement
8. Redliner– Nick Skitz
9. L’Ultimo Dei Mohicani– Arkimed
10. Feuer Frei– Rammstein

1. The Sound of Silence
– E.C.O.H
2. Move It– MC Mario
3. Move your ass– Scooter
4. Rhythm is a dancer 2003– Snap!
5. Operation Blade– Public Domain
6. Dreamer– Supreme Dream Team
7. Armada– Gung Ho
8. Ludwig is Alive– Opera
9. Back in Black– AC/DC
10. Anytime, Anywhere– Sarah Brightman

1. (I just) died in your arms
– Resource
2. Thunderstruck– Blizzard Brothers
3. Endless Summer– Scooter
4. Don’t Go– Andre Visor
5. Old times rock & roll– Little Bit
6. Anything for love– Perfecto
7. Don’t Stop – Public Domain
8. Razzia 2– M
9. Not gonna get us– Tatu
10. James Bond theme– Bond vs Oakenfold

1. I Like Chopin (Rainy Daze)
2. Never Surrender– 2 Unlimited
3. Mangas Verdes– Greensleeves
4. Where Are You– Paffendorf
5. Friends– Scooter
6. Maniac 2002– Return feat. Michael Sembello
7. Tempo– The Prophet
8. Monstersound– Balloon
9. We Are Family– We Are Family All Stars
10. Sorry Seems To Be The– Hardest Word

1. Slave To The Music
– Nick Skitz
2. U Can’t Touch This– Beam Vs Cyrus feat. MC Hammer
3. Set You Free– N-Trance
4. Blood Is Pumpin’– Voodoo & Serano
5. Sk8er Boy– Lulu
6. Cult Of Snap!– Snap! Vs Roy Malone
7. I Don’t Need Nobody– Scott Brown
8. Baddest Muther– Lisa Pinup
9. One Of My Kind– Rogue Traders Vs INXS
10. Now We Are Free– Lisa Gerrard With The Air

1. Feeling Fine
– Ultrabeat
2. The Roof Is On Fire– The Grim Reaper
3. Everyday– Geos feat. Becky
4. Rising Up – DJ Quicksilver
5. Dead Ringer For Love– Meat Loaf
6. Take My Breath Away– Soda Club feat. Hannah Alethea
7. Going Insane– Warp Brothers
8. Prince Of Darkness– Plus System
9. Somebody To Love– Boogie Pimps
10. Top Gun Anthem– Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens

1. If I Were You
– Candee Jay
2. Kickstart My Heart– Combat Crew
3. Injected With A Poison (Hixxy’s HTID Remix)– Praga Khan
4. Holding Out For A Hero– Bionic Ear
5. Crashed The Wedding– Busted
6. Shake Ya Shimmy– Porn Kings vs Flip n Fill feat. 740 Boyz
7. The 6th Gate– Dougal & Gammer
8. Now Is The Time– Scott Brown vs DJ Rabs
9. Let’s Get It Started– The Black Eyed Peas
10. Cry Little Sister – Gerard McMann

1. Stuck On You (Club Version)
– Mark Oh
2. Rok Da Floor– Pimp
3. Field Of Dreams (Hixxy Remix)– Flip & Feel
4. Take A Break– Scooter
5. Rebel Yell– Billy Idol
6. YMCA (Almighty Millenium Mix)– Village People
7. Hardcore Paradise– DJ Spark feat. XLR
8. Retro Rush– Brisk & Fade
9. Stop The Rock– Apollo Four Forty
10. Breathe Easy– Blue

1. Glory Of Love
– Index
2. Livin’ On A Prayer– Heavy Dance
3. I Feel Alive– Insight
4. Sexy (Skitz Short Mixx)– French Affair
5. She Bangs– Ricky Martin
6. Full Metal Jackass– Special D
7. Hit ‘Em– Tha Playah
8. Nami– Sonic Boom Boys
9. Sound Of The Underground– Girls Aloud
10. Blaze Of Glory– Bon Jovi

1a. Angels (Zander Edit)
 – Ultra-Sonic
1b. Dancing Up A Storm (Skitz Airplay Edit) – Tim Belly
2. Kickin Hard– Brooklyn Bounce
3. Luv U More– DJ Paul Elstak
4. Jigga Jigga(Flip & Fill Remix) – Scooter
5. Power Of Love – Frog’ A Billy
6. Sweet Child Of Mine (Cheeky Trax Remix)– DJ Milano
7. Electro Violence– Independence Days
8. Crescendos Of Ecstasy– DJ Kevin Energy
9. War– Edwin Starr
10. Red Warrior– Hans Zimmer

(Something Inside) So Strong – Rochelle
1bKingston Town – 89ers
2. Guitar Damage (Short Clubb Mixx)– Nick Skitz
3. Scream– Billy Idol
4. Bagpipes (Club Mix)– DJ Krid P
5. I’m So Excited– Maximum
6. Fighter– KopyKatz
7. Rhythm & Police (K.O.G G3 Mix)– CJ Crew feat. Christian D
8. Night Life (Dougal & Gammer Remix)– Hixxy
9. Pump It– The Black Eyed Peas
10. I’ll Stand By You– Girls Aloud

Shake That (CJ Stone Mix) -Scooter
1bBom Bom Suenan (Cascada Radio Edit) -Freddy Fader Meets Locana
2. Out In The Fields– HeavyDance
3. Genie In A Bottle– Speedway
4. Tribal Dance 2.4 (Xtreme Sound Radio Edit)– 2 Unlimited
5. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting-Dynamix
6. Bad & Sexy (Radio Version)– Balloon
7. So What! (M Edit)– Independence Days
8. Neck Breaker– Plus System
9. I Believe In A Thing Called Love– The Darkness
10. When Love & Hate Collide– Def Leppard

Listen To Your Heart – ColorBox
1bTrouble – Pink
2. The Final Countdown– HeavyDance
3. Come With Me (Hixxy Remix)– Special D
4. Push It Again– DJ Lawless vs Oliver Swab
5. Hymn– Tina Cousins
6. Hung Up – SBI
7. Fight– KopyKatz
8. Reach Out– Maximum
9. Switch – Will Smith
10. Because Of You– Kelly Clarkson

Thank You (Radio Edit) – Flexter
1bSmells Like Teen Spirit – The Warp Brothers
2. Action– Def Leppard
3. Fly Away– Maximum
4. Blade (200 Radio Edit)– Warp Brothers feat Red Monkey
5. Wasabi– Lee Harding
6. Vogue– Paffendorf
7. The Trooper– Group X
8. Heartbeatz (Re-Con Remix)– Styles & Breeze feat. Karen Danzig
9. Bounce/Shake/Move/Stop!– MVP
10. Broken– Sether feat. Amy Lee

Apache Rocks The Bottom! (Radio Edit) – Scooter
1bSomebody Told Me – The Killers
2. We’re Not Gonna Take It– Group X
3. Shooting Star– ColorBox
4. Rock Me Amadeus– Zen Dog
5. Shock To The System– Billy Idol
6. Bring The Noise (Short Original Mix)– Double Dutch
7. We Will Rock (Skitz Radio Mix)– Nick Skitz and Remix
8. Paradise– Hixxy & Re-Con
9. Paradise City– Guns N’ Roses
10. Because We Believe – Andrea Bocelli & Marco Borsato

Ready 2 Go (Stagediverz Restarted Radio Mix) – Stagediverz
1bRock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) – Bob Sinclar
2. Save Your Life! (Warp Brothers Radio Edit) – Black Spider
3. 2 Dream– Pistolet
4. You Give Love A Bad Name– Group X
5. Bad Reputation– OneZeroOne
6. U + Ur Hand (Clean Version)– Pink
7. We Rock– Group X
8. Back In The UK– Scooter
9. Bite The Dust– The Pussycat Dolls
10. Hero– Chad Kroeger feat Josey Scott

License To Chill (Radio Mixx) – Nick Skitz
1bDance! (Radio Edit) – Goleo VI presents Lumidee vs Fatman Scoop
2. School’s Out– Krokus
3. Dream To Me– Dario G vs Hixxy
4. Call Me When You’re Sober– Evanescence
5. Don’t Stop Me Now– McFly
6. Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) (Clean Version)– Pink
7. Check Your Head– Ultra-Sonic
8. Welcome To The Black Parade– My Chemical Romance
9. Here I Come – Fergie
10. In The Air Tonight– Nonpoint

Think About The Way (Radio Edit) – Frisco v Ice MC
1bMundian To Bach Ke (Motivo Hi-Lectro Radio Edit) – Panjabi MC
2. Everybodys Screaming!!!– Lostprophets
3. Angel Eyes– ColorBox
4. This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race– Fall Out Boy
5. Girlfriend– Avril Lavigne
6. Behind The Cow– Scooter
7. Run To The Hills– Iron Maiden
8. U R My Phantasy (DS Mix)– Sy & Unknown feat. Lou Lou
9. I’mma Shine– Youngbloodz
10. Vienna – Infernal

Summermelody (89ers Remix) – H2K
1bDoes The Fish Have Chips? – Scooter
2. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs– Fall Out Boy
3. The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand)– Party Playaz
4. Lights Out (Chris Vrenna Remix)– POD
5. Elevator– KopyKatz
6. Shut Up And Drive– Rihanna
7. 1-2-3-4– Ultra-Sonic
8. Believe In Me (DJ Breeze Remix)– Sy and Unknown feat Lou Lou
9. We Got It Going On (With Big and Rich)– Bon Jovi
10. What Have You Done– Within Temptation feat Keith Caputo

Amazed (Pascal mix) – Dancing DJs feat. Caroline Griffin
1bTick Tick Boom – The Hives
2. The United Vibe– Scooter
3. Piece Of Heaven– Wave
4. Jump– Group X (Van Halen)
5. You can’t stop the beat– Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes and Queen Latifah
6. That’s Right– Ciara feat. Lil John
7. The Pretender– Foo Fighters
8. Heaven– Tokyo Haze / DJ Sammy and Yanou
9. I Don’t Want To Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)– Good Charlotte
10. No One (Curtis Lynch Reggae mix)– Alicia Keys

Walking In Memphis – Master Blaster
1bJames Bond Theme – Moby
2. Born To Be Wild– Hinder
3. Magic Touch (Squad E Mix)– M&C feat. Rebecca Rudd
4. Zombie– Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz
5. Don’t You Wanna Feel – Rogue Traders
6. Bad– Badlands Inc
7. Party Non Stop– Ultra-Sonic
8. Good To Me– Re-con & Squad E
9. Gonna Fly Now (John X Remix)– Natalie Wilde
10. World In Union 95– Ladysmith Black Mambazo feat PJ Powers

Summer Of ‘69 – Mega-mania
1bI Never Liked You – Rogue Traders
2. Beat It– Fall Out Boy feat. John Mayer
3. Baby I’ll Let You Know– Darren Styles vs Hypasonic
4. We Will Survive– Warp Brothers/The Great Bouzouki – Krid P
5. How Far We’ve Come– Matchbox Twenty
6. Stamp– Jeremy Healy & Amos
7. Let The Beat Control Your Body– 2 Unlimited
8. Sea Of Love (Hixxy Remix)– Frisco
9. Church– T-Pain featuring Teddy Verseti
10. Our Solemn Hour– Within Temptation

Writing On The Wall – 2–4 Grooves
1bBecause The Night – Cascada
2. Try It Again– The Hives
3. Like I Feel (Squad E Mix)– D:Code feat. Emma
4aHeadbangerz Rock Da Club – Nick Skitz
4bCold As Ice – Starsplash
5. The Best Damn Thing– Avril Lavigne
6. No Good (Start The Dance)– The Prodigy
7. Raver’s Paradise – Nick Skitz feat MC BB (Stadium Mix)
8. What Hurts The Most (Al Storm Remix)– Cascada
9. When I Grow Up– The Pussycat Dolls
10. Say (All I Need)– OneRepublic

The One And Only (Topmodelz Radio Cut) – Mario Lopez
1bCalling All Lovers – Rogue Traders
2. Cum On Feel The Noise– Group X
3. Come With Me (Unique Mix)– Styles & Breeze
4. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)– Scooter vs Status Quo
5. Johnny B Goode– The Undertow
6. So What– Pink
7. Hardcore Angel– Nick Skitz
8. Cry For You (Weaver Remix)– September
9. I Won’t Be Crying– Infernal
10. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now– Meat Loaf & Marion Raven

Layla (Caribbean Mix) – DJ U Hey vs DJ Minagawa
1bHot n Cold – Katy Perry
2. I Know Kung Fu– Shitdisco
3. Sweetheart (Squad-E Remix)– Rezonance-Q
4aPower Of The Mind – Headhunterz
4b.Tubthumping (Everybody Handz Up In Japan Remix) – Hi End Attack
5. Tutti Frutti– Mike Hardy & The KooladeSingers
6. Burn It To The Ground– Nickelback
7. Speed– Atari Teenage Riot
8. Set you free (Hixxy Remix)– N-trance
9. Let it Rock– Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
10. Use Somebody– Kings of Leon

Dragostea Din Tei (DJ Ross Radio Mix) – O-Zone
1bMy Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
2. Music Is Pumpin– Radical Rhythm
3. Slow & Steady Rush– Random Attack
4aEnter Sandman – Spock
4bBoom – P.O.D.
5. Ballroom Blitz– Dave & The Extras
6. Let Me Entertain You– Bodytronixx
7. Desolation Row– Krakaw Kreativ Kollektiv
8. What Do You Want From Me (squad-e remix)– Cascada
9. Right Round– Flo Rida Feat. Ke$ha
10. Halo– Beyonce

Numb (RainDropz! Mix) – Jan Wayne vs RainDropz!
1bI Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson
2. I Was Made For Loving You– Scooter
3. Poison (Al Storm Remix)– Groove Coverage
4. Use Me– Hiroshi Free
5. The Anthem– Good Charlotte
6. Warrior’s Dance– The Prodigy
7. Excalibur 2000 (2000 Radio Mix)– F.C.B.
8. Miracle (SAD Remix)– Cascada
9. Fire Burning– Sean Kingston
10. Second Chance– Shinedown

Freedom (Sunset Project Mix) – Beatbreaker
1bStarstrukk – 3OH!3
2. Love Drunk– Boys Like Girls
3. Send Me An Angel (Weaver Remix)– Slinkee Minx
4. Fight For Your Right (DJ Anady vs Sander Remix)– Boogie Bros
5. Without A Fight– Mindwarp
6. Black Pearl (Dave Darrell Radio Edit)– Scotty
7. Kick Start My Heart– The Snake
8. Overload– VooDoo & Sereno
9. Do It Again– Cassie Davis
10. Sounds Of Freedom– Within Temptation

Brighter Day (Monday 2 Friday Remix) – Yanou
1bUse Somebody – Ultrabeat
2. Energy– Shinedown
3. The Time Of Our Lives– Sy & Unknown featuring Lou Lou
4aPaint It Black 2009 – Masif DJ’s
4bGIA (Skitz Clubb Mixx) – Despina Vandi
5. Ignorance– ToneTonic
6. ìNessun Dormaî– Lacrima
7. Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man– ColorBox
8. Your Shining (Hixxy Remix)– Styles & Breeze
9. Put Your Hands On Me– Crookers feat Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie
10. Doesn’t Mean Anything– Alicia Keys

No Easy Way Out (Radio Edit) – DJ Fait
1bAre You Gonna Go My Way (Ti-Mo Remix Edit) – Kato feat. Ian Dawn
2. Back To Innocence– Stephanie Smith
3. Because The Night (Breeze & Unknown Remix)– Cascada
4. Take A Look Around– Badlands Inc
5. Proud Mary– Dr John Henry
6. Russian Roulette (Blunatix Meets B-tastic Remix Edit)– Felix DJ
7. Goin’ Out Swingin’– Turbo
8. See The Light (Styles & Breeze Mix)– Paradise
9. I Can Transform Ya– Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz
10. Black Box– Stan Walker

Teenage Dirthouse (Topmodelz Radio Edit) – Patrick McFly
1bBlack Betty – Masia
2. Shut Up & Kiss Me– Spacegliderz
3. Truly, Madly, Deeply (S&B Remix)– Cascada
4. Kalinka (Russian Hit Mix)– Captain Jack / Kalinka – Za No Za
5. Contagious– Boys Like Girls
6. Spitfire– GhostHunter
7. Braveheart 2006– Frantic & Gammer
8. I Surrender (Hixxy Hardcore Remix)– Cadence
9. Take It Off– Ke$ha
10. Wait Till You See My Smile– Alicia Keys

Dynamite (Kritikal Mass Radio Edit) – Jason Born
1bLove The Way You Lie (KM Hands Up Remix)– Other Ego
2. Let Me Hear You Scream– Kartsy Wolfbain
3. Make You Mine– Lisa Lowe & BamBam
4. Fire– Scooter
5. The Warriors Code– Dropkick Murphys
6. Feels Like A Prayer (Clubstar Remix)– Meck feat. Dino
7. You’re Going Down– Badlands Inc
8. Release Me– Linzi Paul
9. Beautiful Monster (Full Vocal La La Sessica Mix)– Mick Lion
10. Just The Way You Are– Bruno Mars

In My Head (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Henry Blank
1bAirplanes (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Groove Chasers
2. Smooth Criminal– Badlands Inc
3. We Dance On– Subz Project
4. Come In Hard (Don’t Like Rock ‘N’ Roll)– Hardknox
5. If I Were You– Breeze & Ritmen
6. Drummer Boy (MoDrums Remix)– Alesha Dixon
7. The Last Fight– Bullet For My Valentine
8. Everywhere (Breeze & UFO Remix)– Master Blaster
9. The Time (Dirty Bit)– Red Beans & Rice
10. The Silence (New Single Mix)– Alexandra Burke

Down – Studio 88
1bNew Divide (M & Ace Remix) – Rivendell
2. Kick In The Teeth– Badlands Inc
3. Barbra Streisand– Northern Accelerators
4aLord Of The Rings – Nick Skitz vs Blissphoria
4bHava Nagila – Alex M vs Marc van Damme
5. Don’t Need– Hixxy & Technikore feat. Intraspekt
6. Unfaithful (Nivara Remix)– Comeea
7. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)– Swade
8. Turn To Me (Supreme & MOB 2010 Remix)– Trinity
9. Dance With Me– 3OH!3
10. Somewhere In The World– Altiyan Childs

More (B&W Edit) – Spice Club
1bRolling In The Deep (Technoposse Remix) – Fizzy Deejay
2. Frozen– Big Fiesta
3. What’s Up? (Dougal & Gammer Hardcore Mix)– DJ Destiny
4. Let It Die– Kartsy Wolfbain
5. Nessaja (Breeze Remix)– Scooter
6. Gimmie Dat– Ciara
7. Eye Of The Tiger– Uprising
8. You’re The Feeling (Exclusive HN Mix) – Heaven 7 vs Al Storm
9. Pause– Pitbull
10. ISHFWILF– Disturbed

Give Me Everything (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born
1bLoud (Technoposse Remix Edit) – Big Diddy
2. Bark At The Moon– Fortified Pro
3. Here Tonight– Reality Charm And Solitude
4. Another Way To Die– Disturbed
5. Kung Foo Fighting– Kickers Kingdom
6. Where Them Girls At (Mix I)– Olson Bjerre
7. Born To Kill– Airbourne
8. Land Of Dance (Sy And Unknown Remix)– Retro And Flawless
9. Champion– Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown
10. Awake And Alive (Rock Radio Mix)– Skillet

Rain Over Me (Technoposse Remix Edit) – Love Empire
1bSexy And I Know It (DJ Shocker Extended Remix) – DJ Shocker feat. Chani
2. Crazy Train– Max Motor
3. When I Close My Eyes (Darren Styles Remix)– Dougal & Gammer feat. Jenna
4. Bring Me To Life (Thomas Petersen vs. Gainworx Remix Edit)– Jan Wayne
5. Passenger (AdF Mix)– DJ Gollum
6. Ring The Alarm– Beyoncé
7. Seek And Destroy– Agent Orange
8. Falling (Breeze Remix)– Breeze vs Barley feat. Taya
9. First Of The Year (Equinox)– Skrillex
10. The Fighter– Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder

Written In The Stars (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born
1bAre You Ready For This – Friday Night Posse
2. Rock N Roll All Night– Kicking Import
3. Shine On (Hixxy Remix)– R.I.O.
4. Sweet Dreams– Mislead Lizard
5. True Believer (Styles and Breeze Remix)– E-type
6. Swagger Jagger– Cher Lloyd
7. Blade (Re Con Remix)– Ali Payami vs. Aquagen & Warp Brothers
8. Summer Rain– Breeze vs. Brad Sure Feat Katie Halliday
9. Bangarang– Skrillex feat. Sirah
10. Is Anybody Out There?– Soldier TV

What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) ( B&W Remix Edit) – Dirty Scandal
1bBlow (Web Remix Edit) – Diva Chain
2. Turbulence– Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki Feat. Lil Jon
3. Gona Love Me– Hixxy & R.S.R
4. Paradise City– Rising Edge
5. Invincible (Barracuda Album Mix 2012)– Sharnee
6. DOA– Telstarr
7. The Switch– DJ Recoil
8. Dark Skies– Hixxy, Dougal & Gammer
9. Internet Friends– Captain Karate Intention
10. Payphone– Audiogrove

Back in Time (Basslouder Remix Edit) – Phat Bomb
1bCall Me Maybe (Basslouder Remix Edit) – Diva Chain
2. Bad Girls– Kung-Fu Angel
3. Don’t Feel Like Love– Hixxy
4. Firestarter– Base Addiction
5. We No Speak No Americano (Gammer Remix)– Yolanda Be Cool vs DCUP
6. Where Have You Been (Smithee Remix Edit)– Candid
7. Let It Rock– Artcore
8. For A Lifetime (Breeze Mix)– Adam Harris feat. Taya
10. Battle Scars– Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco

I cry (Basslouder remix edit) – high rolla
1bDon’t wake me up (Basslouder remix edit) – High rolla
2. Welcome to the jungle– Emperor Platoon
3. Hymn (clubstar mix)– Tina Cousins
4. Hello (radio edit)– Scooter
5. Stamp on the ground (breeze remix)– italo brothers
6. Still getting it– Foreign beggars feat. skrillex
7. Raise the flag– Airbourne
8. Silence (Darwin remix)– Filthy Louca
9. Shawty got moves– Get Cool
10. Hall of fame– Born Rush vs Mr Ticket

1a. TroubleMaker (Clubwaver club mix) – Ocean
1b. Dead or alive (Live Mix) – Nick Skitz
2. Lets Go (Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes & Lil Job Ricky Luna Remix)
3. I’m Alive (Hardcore Mix)
– Mickey Modelle & Breeze feat. Molly
4. The Phoenix– Fall Out Boy
5. Roll over Beethoven– Hale Stone
6. This is Love (Basslouder remix edit)– Sounda blasters
7. Stand up for rock ‘n’ roll– Airbourne
8. Feel alive / roll over Beethoven– Klubfiller
9. I love it– Age Jam
10. My songs know what you did in the dark (Light em up)– Fall Out Boy

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Max Kinscheck Remix) – Dirty Scandal
1bScream (Tobi feat. LuTraXx Remix) – Killah Swagger
2. Strobelight (Original)– Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer
3. Shooting Star (Storm’s HS Remix)– Bang!
4. Bass Laser– Digital Ma$$ feat. U-Neek
5. Cold As Ice (Weaver and Suae Intro Mix) – East Coast Masif
6. Action– Score And The Finger
7. It’s A Fight– Beach Incarnation
8. My Forever Love– Sy And Unknown
9. People Like Us– Kelly Clarkson
10. Till I Collapse– The Junkyard Scoller

I Knew You Were Trouble (DRM Remix) – Girls Only
1bEverything about you – SupaHit
2. Danger Zone– International Outlaw
3. Be The One– Hixxy, Sy and Unknown
4. A Warrior’s Call– Volbeat
5. Bright Like The Sun– Sy and Unknown Feat. Kirsten Joy
6. Danger Zone– K Drew
7. Lost in the Space– The Original Movies Orchestra
8. Falling From The Sky– Hixxy, Dave Castellano & Fat Steve
9. Do Or Die– Flux Pavilion
10. Fleurs Du Mal– Sarah Brightman

Hit me with your best shot (BassLouder Remix Edit) – Neon Ninja
1bRoar (Bass Rayders Remix Edit) – Hot Cherry
2. Black or White (Combat Remix)– The Treat Ring
3. Fly Away– Deer Between
4. Emergency (Clockwork Remix)– Steve Aoki feat. Lil Jon, Chiddy Ban
5. Rise Again (Sy and Unknown Remix)– Breeze v Lost Witness
6. What’s Love (Kandy Man Remix Edit)– Ste Ingham and Nick Stitz
7. Kryptonite– Proof Luke
8. Sunshine On a Cloudy Day (Eufeion Remix)
9. You’re the Best
– Blazed Calm
10. Now We are Free– Lisa Kelly

. Wrecking Ball (MaLu Project Remix Edit) – Pop Pistols
1b. Beautiful Monster (Damn-R Remix) – Mick Lion
2. Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey – Up Despair
3. Every Breath You Take – Praying Hunk
4. So What! (M Edit) – Independence Days
5. Stairway To Heaven (Original Mix) –  Modulate & Petruccio
6. Get Low – Dillon Francis & DJ Snake
7. Ready To Rock – Airbourne
8. Like a Rainbow (Sy & Unknow Remix) – Recon & Demand
9. Watch Out For This (Bumaye)  – Since Ten
10. Heart of a Warrior – Dizzee Rascal

. Someone Like You(Kris McTwain Radio Edit) – N-Finity
1b. Home Alone (Invader! Remix Edit) – Vanilla Kiss
2. Famous Last Words – The Wrapper
3. Give A Little Love – Al Storm & Euphony
4. Dark Horse (Hard Dance Alliance Mix) – Kerrie Scene
5. Crash –  Al Storm
6. Y.A.L.A. – M.I.A.
7. Let The Beat Go (Single) – S3RL feat. Johnny
8. Power Of Love – Absolutely Elegant
9. 3 Kingz (Single)  – Al Storm & Euphony
10. I Was Here – Beyoncè

. Get Ready (Steve Aoki Vocal Radio Edit) – 2 Unlimited
1b. Survival of the Fittest (Radio Edit) – Coone
2. Badboi – Pegboard Nerds
3. Get a Way – 
Sporty Breed
4. Edge of a Revolution – Nickelback
5. Holdin’ On Right Now – The Solar Revival
6. Fight the Resistance –  Brennan Heart & Zatox.
7. Dead! – My Chemical Romance
8. Shine (JBC Remix) – Geos Crew feat. Zara
9. Three Strikes  – Afrojack feat. Jack McManus
10. A New Way to Bleed (Photek Remix) – Evanescence

1a. Freaks –
Timmy Trumpet & Savage
1b. Can’t You See – Shermanology & GRX
2. I’m Shipping Up to Boston – Sway Spice
3. You’ve Got the Love (Breeze & Modulate Remix) – Sosumi feat. Missy DJ
4. Blast Off – The Basic Proton
5. Hot Right Now (Jag Skillz VIP Mix) – DJ Fresh
6. Black Widow –  Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora
7. La Nina Mechanica – Engine Florida
8. If You Surrender – The Truly
9. Shell Shocked  – The Proven Lab
10. Simply Amazing – Trey Songz

1a. We Came to Bang –
3Lau feat. LUCIANA
1b. Levels (VIP Mix) – Pukka Moves
2. Ah Yeah so What (Radio Edit) – Will Sparks feat. Wiley & Elen levon
3. Lifting Me Higher (Back to 97 Mix) – Dougal & Gammer
4. Enemies – Shinedown
5. No Problem – Chase & Status
6. The Day Is My Enemy –  Nave Gears
7. Party Monster – Groove Moves
8. Heart Bleeds – Re-Con & Demand feat. Mandy Edge
9. Black and Blue (Smackdown) – Long Hawke
10. Love Me Anyway – Ginny Blackmore

1a. Everybody (Jump Smokers Remix) – Justice Crew
1b. Dibby Dibby Sound (feat. Ms. Dynamite) [The Partysuqad Remix] –
DJ Fresh & Jay Fay feat. Ms. Dynamite
2. Karate
– R3hab & KSHMR
3. Titanium
– The Salty Mix
4. Hey Mama
– Highland Eight
5. Pieces
– Chase & Status feat. Plan B
6. Get Over It
– The Carbonated Kick
7. The Black Pearl (Rui Festival Edit)
– Scotty
8. Reach Out
– Cat Knight Dougal & Gammer
9. Bounce
– Iggy Azalea
10. Bleeding Out
– Imagine Dragons

1a. I’m An Albatroz (Sunny Dee Remix) – 4kast
1b. Fight For Your Right!
  – Boogie Bros feat. Big Daddi
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy
Set You Free (Hixxy Remix) – N-Trance
Chopstick (Mado Kara Mieru) – Scooter
Sound Bang – The Noble Ascent
Bottles Up – Vandalism & Risk
7. Breathe
– Tickling Transit
8. Surrender (Clubland Mix)
– Al Storm feat. Amy
9. Hard
– Rihanna feat. Jezzy
10. Battle Cry
– Havana Brown feat. Bebe Rexha & Savi

1a. Freak – Steve Aoki, Diplo & Deorro feat. Steve Bays
1b. Break The Rules
  – Anonymous Hotel
Push – Kronic, East Movement & Savage
On My Way – Jupiter Soliloquy
My songs Know What You Did In The Dark – 2 Chainz
Dirty (Metrik Remix) – Dirtyphonics
She Got It (Club Mix) – Vandalism & Angger Dimas
7. The United Vibe
– Scooter
8. Out of My Hands
– Olympic Daydream
9. Turn Down For What
– DJ Snake & Lil Jon
10. I See Fire
– Sol3 Mio

1a. Everybody Stand Up– Bombs Away feat. Luciana
1b. Nuclear (Dillon Francis Remix)
  – Zomboy
I’m Alive– Shinedown
Good Times – Sigma & Ella Eyre
Say My Name (Dual Thieves Remix) – Peking Duck feat. Benjamin Joseph
Count On Me (Andy C. Remix) – Chase & Status
Wine Dem – Henry Fong
7. Testify
– Steve Hill & Klubfiller
8. Watch It Burn
– Camo & Krooked feat. Ayah Marar
9. Bring ‘Em Out
– T.I.
10. Rise Up
– Andra Day

1a. Bust ‘Em – Party Favor
1b. Don’t Stop the Madness
  – Hardwell, W&W feat. Fatman Scoop
1c. The Thrill  –
2.How We Do
– Hardwell & Showtek
Higher – Sigma
Kraken – Knife party & Tom Staar
Not Giving In – Rudimental feat. John Newman & Alex Clare
1 in 100.000 – L-Fresh The Lion
7. Freak
– Re-Con & Klubfiller
8. We Won’t Be Alone
– Feint feat. Laura Brehm
9. Don’t Let Me Down
– The Chainsmokers feat. Daya
10. I Need A Dollar
– Aloe Blacc

1a. Give Me Your Love – Sigala feat. John Newman & Nile Rogers
1b. Hype
  – Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris
1c. Perfect Strangers  –
Jonas Blue feat. JP Cooper
Baddest Things – Party Favor feat. NYMZ & Bunji Garlin
Work it Out – Netsky feat. Digital Farm Animals
Titans – Razihel & Aero Chord
Feel The Love – Rudimental feat. John Newman & Nile Rogers
5. Bonus: Basque Gold –
Secrets – Tiesto, Vassy, KSHMR
7. Ocho Cinco
– DJ Snake feat. Yellow Claw
8. Come Alive
– Netsky
9. Time
– Snavs
10. Unstoppable
– Sia

1a. Nobody to Love (Extended Mix)
– Sigma
1b. Praise You (Radio Edit) – Mind Electric
1c. Kids – OneRepublic
2. Believer – Showtek & Major Lazer
3. Sweet Lies – Wilkinson feat. Karen Harding
4. B.O.B. – Outkast
5. Changing – Sigma feat. Paloma Faith
5. Bonus: Slappin’ It (Inner Voice Remix) – Wydez
6. Run (Beautiful Things) – AWOLNATION
7. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
8. Let You Go (Brookes Brothers Remix) – Chase & Status feat. Mali
9. Words – Daya
10. Lovesick – Mura Masa feat. A$AP Rocky

1a. What is Love 2016 (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)
– Lost Frequencies
1b. Setting Fires (Blasterjaxx Remix) – The Chainsmokers feat. XYLO
1c. Shut it Down – Party Favor & Dillon Francis
2. Mayday – KXA
3. Wild Horses (Matrix & Futurebound Remx) – Dancing on My Lonesome
4. Mama Do the Hump – Rizzle Kicks
5. Eternal – Shapeshifter
5. Bonus: Gud Vibrations – Nghtmre & Slander
6. Fracture – Slumberjack feat. Vera Blue
7. New Era – Andy C
8. Endorphins (Sub Focus vs Fred V & Grafix Remix) – Sub Focus feat. Alex Clare
9. Savage – Whethan feat. Flux Pavalion & Max
10. Human – Rag’n’Bone Man

1a. Rich Boy (Quintino Remix) –
1b. Rebound to the Beat – Promise Land & Luciana
1c. Wild Flowers – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
2. Going Crazy – Hardwell & Blasterjaxx
3. Skin (Wilkinson Remix) – Rag’n’Bone Man
4. Great Spirit – Armin van Buuren & Vini Vici feat. Hilight Tribe
5. Bomberdrop – Bustin Jeeber
5. Shes Out Of Her Mind – Spring Is Coming
6. Kiwi – Lee Is Here
7. This Time – Kayzo
7. Hypnotic – Wilkinson feat. Shannon Saunders & Youngman
8. Happy Alone – Matrix & Futurebound feat. V. Bozeman
9. Lingua – Sub Focus feat. Stylo G
10. Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons

1a. Ready (Extended Mix)
– Dannic, Tom & Jame
1b. Permanent Vacation – 5 Seconds Of Summer
2. Jump – Too Weak To Workshop
3. All Goes Wrong – Chase & Status featuring Tom Grennan
3. Freefall (VIP) – Metrik
4. My Name Is Thunder – Jet & The Bloody Beetroots
4. See What I See – Alex Sonata feat. Katrine Stenbekk
5. Breathing Underwater – Emeli Sande
5. Beyond The Wall (The Prototype Remix) – Sigma
5. Kaleidoscope – Delta Heavy
6. Disbroqueia A Tela – Digestible Planets
7. On My Way – Axwell/\Ingrosso
8. Light Us Up – Matrix & Futurebound featuring Callum Scott
9.  Marching On – Krewella
10. Brother – Kodaline

1a. HNDZ Up (Extended Mix)
– Matisse & Sadko
1b. Shake That LaLa – French Invasion
2. All Aboard – Bassjackers vs D’Angello & Francis
3. Who Knows – Netsky featuring Paije
3. Getaway (Koven Remix) Tritonal feat. Angel Taylor
4. Era – RL Grime
5. Soundbwoy (Sigma Remix) – Stylo G
5. Let ‘Em Talk – Kesha feat. Eagles Of Death Metal
6. White Lines – Six60
6. Blind Faith – Chase & Status & Liam Bailey
7. Holy – Slander & Kayzo featuring Micah Martin
8. Ghost – Delta Heavy
8. Suffocate – The Prototypes
9. Knock Me Down – MAKJ & Max Styler featuring Elayna Boynton
10. Don’t Forget Your Roots – Six60

1a. Vegas (Extended Mix)
– Alvaro, Lil Jon & Jetfire
1b. Up – Corti & La Medica & Andry J
2. MIC Drop – Mast Boldface
3. Running Low – Pancake Ire
4. Tell Me– RL Grime & What So Not
5. Stay (Maduk Remix) – Delta Heavy feat. HOLLY
5.Rat A Tat – Fall Out Boy feat. Courtney Love
6. Magenta Riddim – DJ Snake
7. Beastmode (Original Mix)– Yellow Claw feat. Stoltenholff
8. Get This Right– Koven
9. Legendary – Welshly Arms
10. The Champion – Carrie Underwood feat. Ludacris

1a.Savage Mode
– Kazzanova featuring Marvelus Fame
1b. Fofo (WRECKVGE Remix) – Garmiani featuring Julimar Santos
2. Earthquake – Hardwell featuring Harrison
3.1. Stay – Sigma
3.2. The Siren (Camo & Krooked Remix) – Bungle featuring Ayah Marar
4.1. Devil – Shinedown
4.2. You’re Gonna Love Again – NERVO
5.1 & 5.2 Worth The Lie
 – Muzzy, Koven & Feint
6.1. Lonely Boy – Neon Nanny
6.2. Be The One (Netsky Remix) – Dua Lipa
7. Dancehall Soldier – Yellow Claw feat. Beeni Man
8.1. Wings (Nu:Logic Remix) – Birdy
8.2. Home – Shock One & Reija Lee
9. Young Blood – 5 seconds Of Summer
10. Sure Don’t Miss You – The Dip

1a. Knockout
 – Deorro, MAKJ, Quintino
1b. Made in China – Yesterday Stripes
2. Stockholm White (Perk Pietrek Remix)– UZ & Two Fresh featuring Elliphant
3. Lifeless – Loadstar feat. Stephanie McCourt
4. Gloves Are Comin’ Off – 7kingZ
5 Love Has Gone
 – Netsky
6. Love & War – Red Toss
7. Much – Flosstradamus feat. 24hrs
8. Superhuman (Gammer Remix) – SLANDER feat. Eric Leva
9. Dies Irae – Apashe & Black Prez
10. Warrior – Hannah Kerr

1a. Bashment Ting
– Rob & jack x Sanjin
1b. La La La – Willy William
2. Headsprung – LL Cool J
3. Holding Onto Heaven (Kove Remix) – Foxes
4. DJ Turn It Up – Yellow Claw
5a. Flower
– Moby
5b. Dare (Hold It Down) – Friction
6. Run Wild
– Thutmose, NoMBe
7. THE DROP – Gammer
8. By Your Side – Stonebank feat. EMEL
9. Midnight – Horn Through
10. Heads Up – Jain

1a. Drop Tt Down (Extended Mix)
– Sidney Samson featuring Vasin
1b. Bullet Blowz – Havana Brown & Kronic
2. Mangalam – Will Sparks & Maddix
3. Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie (High Contrast Remix) – Arlissa & Jonas Blue
4. Nice Flow (Original Mix) – Smookie Illson & Fly Boi Keno
5. False Alarm
– The Weeknd
6. How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)
– Cue Sheets
7. Public Enemy – Boss Boys
8. Got You There – Matrix & Futurebound featuring Zelah
9. Tell Me You Love Me (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) – Demi Lovato
10. Like I Would (The White Panda Remix) – Zayn

1a. Turn It Up
– Armin van Buuren
1b. Barraca – Garmiani featuring MC Pikachu
2. Reserve – Egzod featuring Leo The Kind
3. Pull The Trigger (Maduk Remix) – Flux Pavilion
4. Lacrimosa – Apashe
5. Different Way
– Murdock featuring Errol Dunkley
6. Say My Name
– River Deep
7. Shellz – Ape Drums featuring Denzel Curry & Frizzo
8. Love Wins Again – Koven
9. Jump Around – House of Pain
10. Power Is Power – SZA & The Weeknd & Travis Scott

1a. Awa Ni
– The Knocks & Kah Lo
1b. Alive – R3HAB vs Vini Vici featuring Pangea & Dego
2. Pica – Deorro, Henry Fong & Elvis Crespo
3. Unreal – T & Sugah featuring Ayve
4. Y.A.L.A. – M.I.A.
5. Fuji Opener
– Skrillex featuring Alvin Risk
6. Gopher Mambo
– Leandro Da Silva
7. Victorious – 7kingZ
8.Real (Drum & Bass Mix) – Crissy Criss & WIDE AWAKE
9. Burning – Chase & Status featuring Cocoa Tea
10. Alright – Mike Yung

1a. Real Good Feeling
– Oh The Larceny
1b. AVA – Garmiani
2. Dear Future Self (Hands Up) – Fall Out Boy feat. Wyclef Jean
3. Let It Go – Murdock feat. M’Leah
4. Shankara (Sunburn Goa 2019 Anthem) – Mariana Bo
5. 1995
– Bunji Garlin
6. Life Long After Death
– QUIX & Adventure Club ft. badXchannels
7. Gasoline– Party Favor & Nonsens
8. Not Givin In (Fred V Remix) – Tom Walker
9. Mama Said Knock You Out– LL Cool J
10. Will It Go Round In Circles– Billy Preston

01A.Therapy –
Timmy Trumpet, Charlott Boss
01B.Monster (Luca Testa Remix) –
Blasterjaxx feat. Junior Funke
02.Came To Win –
03.Follow Me (Polygon Remix) –
Matrix & Futurebound feat. Ayak Thiik
04.Hena –
Zafrir feat. Dikanda
05.No Effect (Sunset Bros Remix) –
Hooligan Hefs
06.Boa Noite –
Karol Conka
07.King Of The Party –
Some Cadence
08.Devotion –
Dimension feat. Cameron Hayes
09.Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked –
Cage The Elephant
10.Fool For You –
Ceelo Green feat. Melanie Fiona

1a. Come for it –
Machel Montano
1b. Spearhead – Updog
2. Gy’al Ya Shake It – Bad Royale & Future Fambo
3. Can’t Keep Me Down – Murdock featuring Shystie & Sena Dagadu
4. Devil A Pray – Easy McCoy
5. Mantra –
Mariana BO
6. Brace Up –
Machel Montano
7. Bap U – Party Favor
8. Louder (Hamilton Remix) – Neon Jungle
9. Here I Go – Lady Bri

1a. Ride it (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike VS Quintino Remix) –
1b. Give it to Dem – Skan, Drama B, Highdiwaan
2. Fiesta! – Mashd N Kutcher, Reece Low
3. Hindsight (Millbrook Remix) – Matrix & Futurebound
4. Majesty – Apashe, Wasiu
5. Right Here, Right Now (Friction & Killer Hertz Remix) –
6. Street Fight –
The Prowlers
7. The People (Dimatik Remix) – KSHMR, Timmy Trumpet
8. Be Alright – Stonebank featuring EMEL
9. Savage Love (Laxed-Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685, Jason Derulo
10. Surely You Know – Koven

1a. Dumb –
Timmy Trumpet featuring Charlott Boss
1b. In My Soul – Aspyer
3. Evolution – I see MONSTAS
4. Stephanie – CryJaxx & DramaB
5. Mariachi –
Ribbon Trifecta
6. I’m Back –
Royal Deluxe
7. Tarantino – Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet featuring STARX
8. Don’t Say It – Lee Mvtthews featuring PRINS
9. Tippy Toe – NOAM DEE
10. Where I’, From – Lukas Graham featuring Wiz Khalifa

1a. Mi Sento Bien –
Talking Turkey
1b. Breathe, Stretch, Shake – Mase featuring P Diddy
2. Trap Requiem (Original Mix) – Apashe x Tha Trickaz
3. Ripped to Pieces – Stonebank featuring EMEL
4. Kolkata – KSHMR, JDG & Mariana Bo
5. Famalay –
St. Louis
6. Bang! –
7. Bonzai Channel One – The Free Force Five
8. Deeper Love (Stonebank Remix) – Botnek & I See MONSTAS
9. Strut – DITA
10. Natural – L.A.B.

1a. Like Ah Boss –
Machel Montano
1b. Green Light – Lady Bri
2. Jimmy Shake – Apashe featuring 740 Boyz & Dose
3. In a Moment – Lee Mvtthews featuring Watson
4. Lord & Master – Apashe
5. Look At Me Go –
Netsky featuring Darren Styles
6. Get Ready –
7. WAWA (explicit version) – Party Favor
8. Good Enough – Koven
9. Whatever I Want – Kat Meoz
10. Firefly –Drax Project featuring Fetty Wap & AACACIA

Selection of chosen BodyCombat Tracks – Summer 2015

As a fun challenge, over a period of two weeks, we attempted to do as many BodyCombat classes as possible, and in the end managed to do 14. One of the side-effects was a snap-shot of the tracks used right now by instructors to mix into the current release 64.  Below is a run-through of the total of 137 tracks that were used and identified.

Track 1ab: Warm-Up
As always, the warm-up from the current release dominates, so nearly ½ (6) of the warm-up tracks were Freaks/Can’t You See.
Written In The Stars/Are You Ready For This from 53 appeared 3 times, but mixed in by the same instructor, so maybe not that surprising. We also encountered Blow Me/Scream from 58, Wrecking Ball/Beautiful Monster from 61 and Someone Like You/Home Alone from 62. A total of 5 different warm-up tracks.

Track 2: Combat 1
OK, so obviously the Irish folk dance from 64 is not particularly popular. At least that’s how it appears, as the first Combat Track is the only one where among the 9 different tracks used, there was no use of release 64. That is a little bit surprising. Call Me Manana from Release 13 was clearly the eldest track we came across. Back to Innocense(45), Kick In the Teeth(49), Strobeligt(58) og Badboi(63) all made two appearances each.

Track 3: Power 1
You’ve Got the Love from 64 was used 4 times  and 53’s Shine On 3 times. In total 9 different track 3.

Track 4: Combat 2
Blast Off from current release only made a single appearance; it seems I am not the only one disliking the trip down on floor. The Phoenix from 57 was the most frequently used. The rest were evenly distributed across the 9 tracks used– eldest was Rising Up from 21.

Track 5: Power 2
HIIT seems to be a HIT, at least we heard Hot Right Now from current release blaring out of the speakers a total of 5 times. Nessaja(50), which I really like, was used twice, and the rest of the 8 tracks once each.

Track 6: Combat 3
It appears that Black Widow is the most popular standing track from the current release, a sentiment I subscribe to. 7 times we loved to hate it, with 61 Get Low and 50 Gimme Dat each used twice.

Track 7: Muay Thai
Also the Muay Thai from 64 seems to be popular, being used 6 times out of the 17 track 7 we experienced in our 14 classes. 7 is obviously the track of choice when ever we are granted a bonus! 🙂
Let the Beat Go from 62 and Blade from 53 were also used several times and as I am a fan of both, I am not complaining.

Track 8: Power 3
The absolutely excellent Your Shining from 44 was the most frequent 8 with a total of 4 uses and 64’s If You Surrender was used twice as was 61’s Like a Rainbow.

Track 9: Condition
Just as for 1 and 10, there is no big tendency to mix a new 9 into the list. Switch from 28, You’re Gonna Love This from 55 and 3 Kingz from 62 made a single appearance each, but Shell Shocked was used 9 times.

Track 10: Cooldown
Simply Amazing from 64 was used 10 times. I Was Here from 62 and one of my all-time favorite tracks Now We Are Free from 60 were each used once.

Obviously 64 was the main contributing release, with 9 tracks (all except 2) being used a total of 50 times.
Other popular releases are:
62, supplying 6 different tracks being used 12 times in total
53, supplying 4 different tracks being used 10 times in total
57, supplying 4 different tracks being used 6 times in total
61, supplying 4 different tracks being used 6 times in total
45, supplying 3 different tracks being used 4 times in total
58, supplying 3 different tracks being used 4 times in total
21, supplying 3 different tracks being used 3 times in total
55, supplying 3 different tracks being used 3 times in total
60, supplying 3 different tracks being used 3 times in total

Below a list of all the tracks we encountered:
Tracks used